7 proven ways to stop affiliate fraud


7 Proven Ways To Stop Affiliate Fraud

If you’re involved in the world of affiliate marketing then one thing you absolutely must be aware of - and be conscious of preventing - is the growing fraud within this world.
We set out all the ways marketers fall victim to affiliate fraud and tell you how to make sure you don't!

In this ebook you will find:
  • How to identify affiliate fraud.
  • How to best manage your traffic to prevent fraud.
  • A macro and micro look at affiliate fraud.
  • Simple tips to prevent fraud BEFORE acquisition.
  • And more.

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“Digital fraud affects about 60% of all advertising and will cause advertisers to lose an estimated $44 billion by 2022.”

In this ebook we will set out 7 of the more simple and proven methods you can use to prevent against falling victim to affiliate fraud. These tips can save you a LOT of money!