The Lead Generator's Automation Checklist

This is a checklist for all lead generators and performance marketers. It very concisely highlights all the daily jobs and tasks you will be able to automate, freeing up valuable time to focus on what really matters... clients and traffic.   


"We estimate Databowl saves us roughly 10 hours per week, and thousands of pounds per month. Now we're using Databowl we can send all leads out via API in real time, or via automated daily tasks - The difference is amazing."

                                                                    - C&C Communications

"Seeing huge results from the onset, Databowl is providing us with time-saving automation services and valuable lead validation outcomes, bolstering our business and marketing efforts on a global scale."

                                                                                       - Hello Fresh



A Few Benefits of Automation:
  • Save yourself hours of time
  • Eradicate Human Error
  • Get leads out more quickly + boost ROI
  • Spend more time on new clients
  • And lots more!

Make Your Life Easier Now!


Why work hard when you can work smart?

Are you struggling for time? Do you find yourself manually processing repetitive and labour-intensive tasks on a daily basis? Work through the checklist. Automate everything you possibly can. Start planning what you are going to do with your free time!