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Global Lead Management Solution

Databowl will connect the front and back end of your sales funnel and optimise the entire process using a complete set of lead generation, management and distribution solutions

  • One central platform for simple and secure lead management.
  • Real-time enhanced lead validation simply unmatched anywhere else.
  • Lead management, affiliate tracking and landing page builder combined in ONE piece of software.
  • Email / SMS Marketing software to nurture leads.
  • Free Seamless Migration from any other system.
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Complete Lead Management Software

All the tools you need to optimise your performance, together in one platform.

A complete collection of world class lead management technologies.

Lead Acquisition

Acquire and manage your leads with a complete set of solutions to optimise your lead generation performance, unify your data-flows and manage and deliver complex campaigns.

Landing Page Builder

Build your own landing pages, in Databowl, with our custom software. Control and perfect your performance at every stage.

Affiliate Tracking

In-built affiliate tracking software designed to work in conjunction with your lead generation.

Enhanced Validation

Enhanced multi-levelled validation process. Databowl's unique validation software can save you incredible amounts through the removal of invalid and fraudulent leads.

Email / SMS Marketing

A complete set of solutions to nurture relationships, track and manage the journey of leads and ultimately optimise conversion rates.


Fully automate your entire lead distribution out to multiple endpoints, using a complete set of solutions to suit your specific needs.

Advanced Reporting

Benefit from advanced real-time reporting across all your systems in one place. With Databowl you get the full picture and can react to and amend your campaigns accordingly.

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Ian Fraser

Data Manager at ScottishPower

“Our performance has increased and our costs have decreased.”

Valentina Rizzati

Global Head of Performance Marketing

“Bolstering our business and marketing efforts on a global scale.”

Verona Frankish

Head of Business Development at MAB

“Stringent marketing re-targeting and lead re-routing - Databowl fits the bill perfectly.”

Cécile Lennerts

Project Manager at Gowie

“Databowl is a must for the sustainable growth of any Digital Marketing Agency.”

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